Entry is deemed to be an acceptance of these rules

1. This Festival is for amateurs. An amateur is someone who does not derive his/her livelihood from the branch of performance defined by the class title, in which he/she seeks to enter the Festival. In any ensemble all members must adhere to this principle. This rule does not apply to Conductors and/or accompanists.

2. This Festival is open to all-comers in the age ranges stated who conform to the definition of amateur status given above. If entries are oversubscribed priority will be given to the entries from the Devon area.

3. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry without giving a reason.

4. Age to be taken as at 1 st September 2023 for Dance, Music, and Drama sections.

5. Entry fees are non-refundable.

6. The committee reserves the right to limit, cancel, split or combine any class(es).

7. The Festival is bound by copyright law and Safeguarding protocols and cannot allow photography, audio or video recordings of any kind (including mobile telephones). However, performers must be prepared to appear before the cameras of the media and/or agents of the Festival unless appearance has been refused on the entry form.

8. The Festival committee cannot accept any responsibility for property left at the venue during the Festival.

9. The adjudicator’s decision will be regarded as final.

10. No performer, teacher or interested party may discuss any aspect of the Festival with an adjudicator before, during or after classes, except at the invitation of the adjudicator.

11. CERTIFICATES: Details of the new mark scheme will be added as soon as possible

Please note that all sections anticipate that they will trial the new Federation marking scheme in 2023 which will impact on the scoring categories above. Further information will be provided prior to the Festival and events to support the understanding of the new system will be offered

12. All trophies remain the property of the Torbay and S. W. England Festival. They must be returned in a clean condition to the Trophy Secretary by the closing date for entries. Winners are responsible for all trophies whilst in their care and will be required to make good any damage or loss. We reserve the right to withhold future trophies if this rule is contravened.

13. The decision of the committee in all matters arising out of, or not specifically covered in these rules and regulations, is final.

14. All complaints must be made in line with the complaints policy.


It has been brought to our attention that we may not be covered by the blanket copyright agreement in respect of music/songs from shows in current production, and as a result teachers/performers may have to obtain their own license for such items from Phonographic Performance Ltd.

The latest situation is that ‘songs from the shows’ may be performed as a song without movement, i.e. as a concert item, not in costume or using any props that would identify the performer with the show – e.g. ragged clothes for the Artful Dodger or painted whiskers for Cats. Whilst this agreement is fine for the singers in the Music section of our Festival, it has grave implications for dancers and could affect mime and personal programme classes in our Speech section.

Teachers are advised, if they have any queries, to contact the Festival Chairman, before applying or paying for a license from Phonographic Performance Ltd.